Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can you be a priest and also married? The rule about priests not getting married came about in the 12th century. Prior to that priests and even some popes were married. Even to this day there are portions of the world where priests are allowed to be married.  The Catholic Church believes that once a priest is ordained, he remains so even if he gets married.


Are the marriages you witness, real marriages? Yes, since I am an ordained priest, counties throughout the US recognize my actions. My ordination, and therefore my ministry, is certified by three national/international organizations: the Federation of Christian Ministries, CITI Ministries, Inc. and the International Council of Community Churches.


Are the marriages you witness recognized as Catholic marriages? No, there are a few reasons for this:

All of the marriages I witness take place outside of an actual Catholic Church building (banquet halls, parks, private homes etc.). The Catholic Church only recognizes those marriages that have taken place within a Catholic Church building.

Many of the marriages I witness are between couples where one or both parties have been married before in the Catholic Church and while they are divorced, they haven’t secured an annulment. 

Although the Catholic Church recognizes my ordination, because of my own marriage, it doesn’t recognize my actions.

If you are a catholic priest why is your name Rev. Dennis Condon?
The official title for any person, whether catholic or protestant, who is ordained is REVEREND. It is true that most catholics use the more familiar title of FATHER.  But that custom doesn't change the fact that a priest's official title is Reverend or Rev.


Can you say Mass at weddings? As an ordained priest, I can say Mass anywhere. All of the weddings I witness are done within a spiritual context of prayers and requests for God’s blessings. When a couple requests that their marriage take place within the more solemn occasion of Mass, I am very happy to do so.


You may contact the wedding priest by calling Dennis at (708) 481-6078 or by e-mailing 


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